The following are suggestions for user:

1. Include your AIM nick or e-mail address on your author profile. If I delete your story, I'll make the effort to tell you via e-mail or on AIM. If you don't include your AIM nick or e-mail address, you are not going to get notified.
2. I don't own real people is not an adequate disclaimer for RPF. If I am a reporter and I am writing an article about them, I certainly don't own those real people either and how can you own real people? Disclaimers for RPF have to state that the piece of RPF is FICTION or FICTIONAL or NOT REAL or that THESE EVENTS NEVER HAPPENED. If you say you don't own them, your story is going to be deleted.
2a. If you put the wrong disclaimer and you don't have an e-mail adddress, you won't know why your story is not allowed. So HA!
3. Parodies of songs are not fan fiction. Post them somewhere else.
4. If you don't know how to format your story, ASK. We have a message board specifically for that purpose.